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Afternoon Coffee

A cup of coffee in the afternoon brings me great delight. I have a few independent coffee shops near me, and a coffee is a great way to take a break in the afternoon and reenergize.

Even though I might occasionally have a vanilla latte, my preference is a regular coffee with some cold skim milk (no sugar). It's a coffee beverage without a lot of fuss and does not require a long monologue to order.

I don't drink coffee in when I wake up. My morning beverage is Irish breakfast tea with nothing in it. It's a warm drink that lets me ease into the day without the jolt of coffee. The tea has strong and intense flavors. I can sip it when it's hot, then drink it as it cools. The beginning of the cup of tea is much different from the end of the cup of tea.

However, in the early afternoon, I need a caffeine jolt, and the coffee is so enjoyable that it sometimes feels luxurious. It gives me just enough energy to end the day with vim and verve. Yes, I can do the next thing and the thing after that.

As I begin the new year in sunny and expensive So Cal, I am drawn to simple delights like a good cup of coffee or a pleasant cup of tea. Every year, I resolve to do the things that bring me delight. More and more, these things are simple or things which I do already. By the way, I have already been out on a sailboat on the 4th of January (gotta love sunny and expensive So Cal). So this year, I will enjoy my afternoon coffee although I will try not to eat so many pastries with it.

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