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Sweet Sixteen and 662

Today is the 16th anniversary of my first post on Happy Robot. Woohoo! Sixteen candles. I am still in LA. I am still blogging sixteen years later.

Sixteen years. Gosh, this blog has lasted longer than any relationship I've had. This blog has gone through three US Presidents. This blog is older than the kid in The Marriage Story and Facebook (launched Feb 2004 according to Google). This blog has traveled with me and followed me around.

I've tried to keep it simply words. Yes, I am a minimalist, but pictures never seemed right. It's about the words, mannn.

I didn't write about everything that happened to me (both fictional and nonfictional). I didn't see the need. Besides, it seemed like a sure way to burn out. Instead, I worked in fragments, but I tried to make each fragment a tiny whole.

Why did I do this? Why do I continue to do this? Why do anything? Some days it would have been preferable to curl up into a tiny ball. Still, if there is ever a positive declaration from me, it's this blog. Might as well keep writing it. I'm not done yet.

Finally, to update:

My cellphone ringer is set to vibrate. I still wear sunglasses on my head. Now, I also wear reading glasses on my head. I still wear a lot of black. Gavin Newsom is now governor of California. I still like Bob Dylan, The Cruel Sea, Dave Dobbyn, the Finn Brothers, the Supersuckers. Rest in peace Amy Winehouse. Rest in peace Sam Shepard. Rest in peace Carrie Fisher. I still would choose Han over Luke although Mark Hamill has an awesome Twitter feed. I also race sailboats which is the most fun you can have at five miles per hour. I still read literature and like art house cinema. I still do Oscar pools (although this year, can it be more obvious??). I still like going to the gym and lifting heavy things. I still don't smoke. My favorite cocktail is a Hendricks martini dry with two olives.

And I don't like long walks on the beach. The sand gets in your shoes, and it's most uncomfortable.

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