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Random Riffs on Pink

Robyn on The Tangentier blog ( recently did a tribute to all things pink. This got me thinking about my relationship with the color pink, and I made peace with liking pink. I like pink, yes I do.

Then I realized, it's Valentine's Day. Well, Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Here's a little candy heart and paper flower for you all.

When I was a little girl, I wasn't into pink. It was too girlie for my sophisticated tastes. Besides, I wanted to play with my Star Wars action figures, and Princess Leia never wore pink. I did have a Barbie with a hot pink dress, and for some reason, that's the only Barbie dress I remember. I also remember that Barbie pants were a bitch to put on and take off. Barbie's arms were permanently at a ninety degree angle at the elbows, so she was never perfect to me. She just lived in her Barbie world which got boring after a while.

Fast forward to adulthood. When I first started sailboat racing a few years ago, I dyed the ends of my hair pink. I called it my sail fast hair. To achieve the pink, I went old school and used manic panic. When I was in the East Village of NY in the early nineties, we all went to Ricky's for the manic panic. It was a thing we did. Nowadays, it is normal for kids to dye their hair. Back then, it was counter culture. It brightened our days. By the way, I love that torn jeans are a thing now. Back then, our jeans were torn because we were poor.

When I first moved to LA, I bought pink shoes and wore them with orange pants. It was so bright and sunny out here. I do now have a few pink shirts. I like bright pink, bold pink, hot pink. I'm not powdery about my pink. I learned quickly that I sunburn easily in the hot LA sun, so I needed a pink that was pinker than the pink I could be.

Lately, I've become a fan of cheap rose wines that you can buy at Trader Joes. I just like the taste. Some of them are pink. Some of them are more beige.

In Formula One auto racing, there's a team called Racing Point that paints their cars pink. You can always see them in the pack. Hopefully this year they will be faster. I'll talk more about Formula One in another blog. Yes, I'm a fan.

Pink skies. When the sun sets over the Pacific, the sky can become a beautiful combo of magenta and gold and pink. Then, the water of the Pacific becomes a strong dark blue. Then, right at the end of sunset, the sun lets out a flash of green before disappearing under the water. But, the sky is still a calm pink before the last light of day turns to night. Or something like that.

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