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Korean Baseball

A day or two after I posted my Video Chat post, I got an email from the Chief Robot inviting me to a happy robot video chat. So there I was chatting with the fellow robots on happy matters. It was a video chat party. Good times.

Now I am posting about baseball in the hopes that I might be able to trigger some baseball mojo in the universe.

I have been trying to not binge on media during the pandemic. Okay yes, I watched the whole Making the Cut series on Amazon in two days, but I have a weakness for fashion competition reality shows. One day you're in, and the next day, you're out. Or in the case of Making the Cut, will you make the cut?

I've also started watching Korean Baseball which is airing on ESPN 2 in the middle of the night. Even though there are no fans in the stands, South Korea is playing baseball. South Korea is also totally rocking the widespread Covid-19 testing and at this time are reporting around thirty new Covid-19 cases daily. Also, I really liked Bong Joon-ho's film Parasite. Go South Korea!

Korean Baseball is just like American Baseball. I like the pace of the games. The defensive plays are solid. The pitchers and hitters seem to do a lot less stalling between pitches. They use the designated hitter rule. Each team is allowed three foreign players.

There's a lot of physicality. I saw one hitter get hit by a pitch while at bat, so he took a walk to first. Then, the pitcher nailed him again accidentally as he was leading off first. Ouch. These guys are tough.

My only complaint about Korean Baseball is the ESPN commentary. Just like when they broadcast Major League Baseball, they go off on tangents and not call the game. For Korean Baseball, there are whole innings where they are telling stories or interviewing someone about the return of baseball in the States. Call the game, boys and girls.

As I learn more about KBO, I find myself appreciating the beautiful game of baseball even more. It's a simple game, but in that diamond, there is a whole universe of complexity. It's a sweet escape. Go Dinos!

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