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Rocks of Encouragement

While I was walking the doggie through the neighborhood yesterday, I came upon a pile of painted rocks sitting on the edge of someone's lawn. I stopped for a moment to examine this pile of rocks while doggie sniffed a nearby tree. Next to the pile of rocks was a sign that read: Rocks of Encouragement.

This is strange, I thought, I've never been encouraged by a rock before. The closest I ever came to an encouraging rock was a group interview I sat in on with The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) for some film he was promoting. He truly was a rock of positivity, and he had an extremely large neck.

The Rocks of Encouragement in front of me were originally smooth grey oval rocks commonly used in landscaping. They were painted with bright blues, reds, greens, yellows, and some of them had positive words like Love, Peace, Hope. They made me smile as the doggie peed on the nearby tree.

One of the rocks said, Stay Positive. I'm not a fan of that phrase. Stay is too stagnant a word for me. I like to be mobile in my positivity. I also prefer positivity over positive. I like the extra syllables. Then again, it is a phrase painted on a rock in the middle of a pandemic. I'll stick with the positivity. Negativity is too much of a bummer. It's all okay.

In fact, it's okay has become one of my favorite phrases these days. I'm not ambitious. It doesn't have to be great. Good is good, but if I can't get good, I'll take okay. I'm okay. I hope you're okay.

I did not put a rock of encouragement in my pocket. I didn't want to carry any extra weight. As the doggie and I continued on our way, I kept thinking about rocks of encouragement. What a strange name for a rock garden. How about stones of survival? Or pebbles of fortitude? Or minerals of optimism?

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