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Mask Chic

Hello, it's the end of June and almost July. How is everyone? I am okay in LA. When I'm not okay, I know it's temporary. LA's Covid-19 new case numbers have been spiking which is alarming. I'm staying in.

I still walk the doggie every day with a mask on. The dog does not wear a mask. I've really gotten into mask wearing. The masks no longer fog up my sunglasses, and I have different ones for different moods.

When I wear a mask, I feel like a super hero or an x-man or a watchman or one of the men. Who is that masked dog walker? Who is that behind the mask in the cookie section of the grocery store? I am anonymous yet present. I feel the Force. Yes, I am a Jedi. Or Jedi am I. Do I have to wear brown robes?

My choice of mask is commonly known as a neck gaiter which I also call a buff. I wear the buff when I sail, so I have a happy sailing nostalgia feeling in a mask. When sailing, I would cover my face to keep the sun off. Now that we're in June, I also have to keep the sun off. I have a bunch of buffs in a variety of colors. My Facebook feed knows I like buffs so it shows me ads for cheap ones.

While walking the dog, I have noticed that there are many other people embracing the mask. They wear masks with colorful patterns or cartoon characters or logos. They are embracing mask chic. They are expressing themselves through words on the mask. The mask works with the outfit. I have never seen a mask that clashes. Then again, I am in LA.

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