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Ack! Itís white!
Chchchchanges! The main happyrobot page is white! It almost blinded me, but I'm doing fine now. I can deal with change. Change is good. Change is necessary. Change brings about opportunities for growth. Growth of character---Growth of character---Growth of character. Okay, the happyrobot page is white, and I'm okay.

I have been pondering much lately. After reading Remnick's article on Al Gore in the New Yorker, I realized that Gore is truly the slacker president. As a member of Gen X (or whatever it's called now), I am ready to embrace Gore as one of my own. First of all, he googles himself. Second, he's friends with musicans/singer songwriters. Third, he was a shoe-in for a job that should have been his, but then he didn't get it due to unfair circumstances. Forth, he knows it was unfair and can make ironic jokes about it. Fifth, he still believes in romantic love in this crazy cynical world (awwwww). Sixth, he went through a facial hair period and is over it. And finally, seventh, he has "fewer books and more televisions than you might expect" (Remnick's words).

Autumn begins on September 22nd. This morning, I woke up, and the air had a slight crisp chill to it. For a few seconds before opening my eyes, I thought I was in New York again. Does anyone else ever wake up not quite knowing where you are? So you take a few minutes and then remember where you are and think, Ďoh yeah, I'm here'.

I am getting laid off from my office job. My last day is Friday, September 24th (which is also Native American day on my calendar). I don't feel so bad about it because many of my co-workers are also leaving around the same time. It's sorta like a mass exodus. We're all jumping into lifeboats and rowing away from a sinking ship. Or maybe we're all running out of a building on fire before the fire hits the gas tanks and explodes into a big fireball. Or maybe we're all double-timing it out of a collapsing cave as gravel rains down on our heads and the big falling rocks miss us by inches. Or maybe we're all running through the jungle to the helicopter just a few yards ahead. Come on! We can make it! Go! Go! Go!

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