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A Great Martini

A great martini is like great sex. When you've had it, you know you've had it. When you try to recreate it and it only comes out good, it was still worth the effort. Both can and should be enjoyed often and at anytime during the day. Both can come to you when you least expect them. Both bring me the same feeling---pure heaven on earth (if heaven exists).

I believe in the great martini just like I believe in great sex. It's important to have faith in the finer things in life.

I have three preferred martinis---my own little cocktail orgasm squad:

First, there is the martini I had in Barcelona. Sweet Martini brand vermouth on the rocks with a twist of lemon in a high ball glass. Sweet, clean, simple. Nice warm weather refreshment. It was Martini redefined for me. So carefree, so sweet.

Second, the classic martini. Gin and vermouth stirred then poured into a cool (but not too icy) martini glass with two olives. One olive is eaten at the beginning of the drink. The other olive is eaten at the end. I prefer a splash of vermouth---sorta dry, but not a desert.

My third great martini is a Turi Vodka Martini. Same routine as the second but with Turi. Why Turi? It just works for me. Grey Goose, Kettle One, Vox don't taste as nice in my mixture. If no Turi is to be had, then I go with Stoli.

Recently I started going dirty with my martini decadence by adding a bit of olive juice. In my glowing martini glass, the olive juice dances a beautiful dance of love with the ice chips floating on a flammable sea. Such beauty almost brings a tear to the eye. Oh wait, that's an eyelash.

Oh martini, oh great beautiful martini
You are so simple, so clear
Yet in you is a perfect mixture
Of details and olives.

Oh martini, oh great beautiful martini
I hold you so close, so dear
But now I must drink you slowly
Because you can not be rushed.

Well, I must go and drink now. In the meantime, here are a few quotes about martinis for your sipping amusement:

HL Mencken called the martini ‘the only American invention as perfect as the sonnet.'

Somerset Maugham:

A Martini should always be stirred, not shaken, so that the molecules lie sensuously on top of one another.

James Thurber:

One martini is all right, two is too many, three is not enough.

Gerald Ford:

The three martini lunch is the epitome of American efficiency. Where else can you get an earful, a bellyful, and a snootful at the same time?

Steve Allen:

Do not allow children to mix drinks. It is unseemly and they use too much vermouth.

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