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Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Fifteen days of rain recently poured down onto southern California. That's a lot of rain. It was almost Biblical. We're not use to all that rain. We're supposed to have sunshine. Instead, it was rain, lots of rain.

It was devastating. Some people lost their lives. Some their homes. People are still digging out from the muck.

Living on a flood plain, I got through it okay although I did get seasonally depressed. And to heighten the melodrama, I couldn't get that darn Burt Bacharach/Hal David song out of my head. You know, THAT song from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid---the scene where Paul Newman rides around on a bicycle with Katharine Ross.

Raindrops keep falling on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin' seems to fit
Those raindrops are falling on my head, they keep falling

Fifteen days of rain. Roads became raging rivers---impassable by even the mighty SUV. But the SUVers drive on! Drive on, they say!

On the news, a woman who drove her SUV onto one such road had to be airlifted out. During the airlift, her water-drenched low-riding sweatpants fell down to her ankles. Even though the rescuer tried to cover her up and the TV news blurred out any indecency, she still obviously lost her pants. This led to several conclusions on my part. A. It must suck to be known as the lady who lost her pants on the local news. B. Awww. Her rescuer tried to cover her up. What a cool sensitive heroic guy. I am turned on by airlift rescuer guy. C. Note to self---keep a belt in the glove compartment. If I ever find myself trapped on a flooded road while wearing baggy low-riding sweats, I am prepared. D. WTF! You're driving your SUV and you come upon a raging river. Do you decide (a) to drive on or (b) turn around? Not to be all wimpy, but if I see other SUVs bobbing up and down in the water, I would turn around.

So I just did me some talkin' to the sun
And I said I didn't like the way he' got things done
Sleepin' on the job

No more office heaven. No more free Perrier. That's all right. One of the lawyers ended up being a wanker. Glad I never became a lawyer. Currently working in a bank. Oh the horror, the horror. These people think in key strokes.

Those raindrops are falling on my, head they keep falling
I think the MS Word on my home computer has a virus. Every time I hit the forward arrow key, it types bn and freezes up. Bugger. Bugger. Bugger. As my friend Charli would say.

But there's one thing I know
The blues he sends to meet me won't defeat me
It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

The most recent in a long line of reject letters:

Thanks for letting me read your scripts.

Unfortunately, I just didn't feel strongly enough about the story or the writing to want
to get involved with the project. Of course this is a very subjective business, but it's important for me to be
genuinely enthusiastic about the scripts I represent otherwise I can't be a very effective agent.

Thanks again for the opportunity to read your work.


I don't want people to be genuine. I just want them to be smart. Oh wait. It's Hollywood. Sorry. My bad.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Does everyone get what I'm doing? I'm using the song to bring structure to my otherwise random thoughts. Where was I? Oh yeah.

There was a report on NPR that there's no money in the state budget to repair and expand the roads in California. I heard this as I sat in traffic on Sunset Boulevard for two hours. Brentwood is so pretty at night.

But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Crying's not for me

I weigh how much????

Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'

I make how much????

Because I'm free


Nothing's worrying me.

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