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The Annual Report
On January 19, 2005, the Sunshine Jen column celebrates its one year anniversary on Happy Robot.

In order to be in compliance with the Sunshine Jen bi-laws, the following report was approved and ratified by resolution of the Board of Directors at their annual meeting on January 2, 2005 held at the second bon fire on a beach in Mission Bay, San Diego.

The department of financial accounting and all things money (DFAAATM) reports that income is well, kinda sucky. However, the Board of Directors strongly encourages the shareholders of Sunshine Jen to continue to invest in the company and to attend the annual meeting. The notice and agenda for this meeting will be sent out under a separate cover (as soon as the covers are approved by the Department of Aesthetics).

The department of drinky drinks is pleased to announce the creation of a new martini (version 7.2). Shareholders will be able to sample it at their next meeting after the singing of the Sunshine Jen song (with requisite arm flapping).

The report from the Department of Word Overuse (DOWO) is available for inspection in Appendix A. The response to said report from the Department of Free Thoughts (DOFT) is in Appendix B.

Department for the reassessment of arts majors in the film industry is currently reassessing and declared they will be done reassessing when they are good and ready.
Likewise, the unused boxes department was unable to report because they are missing somewhere in the supply room.

The Russell Crowe Watch recently requested that Russell Crowe be mentioned more often in column. This request will be taken under advisement.

On the question of year end benefits, we all should ask ourselves if we are really benefiting from another year as we walk closer and closer to death. Or is it all just a bowl of pudding?

Appendix A

The DOWO Report:

Enables Me To
Even Though
As well as
As a result

Appendix B

The DOFT Response:

Kiss our little word asses

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