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I am here.

I am at the southern most point of the Asia continent.

What do you do when you reach the southern most point of the Asia continent? It's kind of cause for celebration. Woohoo! Hooray! I'm 136 kilometers north of the equator. Yeah baby!

What is there to do? Sit under palm trees and look out at oil refineries and cargo ships? Watch the high speed ferries go by, and then hear their waves lap against the stone breakwater? Go to the pink dolphin show? No thanks.

I'd rather jump in the warm turquoise water and have a swim. Sure the sign says: No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. But how many times in my North American lifetime will I be at the southern most point of the of the Asia continent?

So on three:

One. . .

Two. . .

Three. . .


PS. . .Hey Neil, I've now paddled off three continents. Woohoo!

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