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The LADs and the LAAs

Baseball has started up again, so all is balanced in the universe. I can breathe in the hotdogs and feel at peace. Oh yes, the diamond, the bases, the mound. All in their place.

Baseball is like a Beckett work to me. Sometimes, it is a comedy. Sometimes, it is an agony. But it must go on, it shall go on. Always on. 54 outs in nine innings, but sometimes longer. On and on.

Because I live in Los Angeles and my Aunt is a Dodger fan, I follow the Dodgers. They're doing pretty good thus far. I like that 8 game winning streak. I like that Derek Lowe. I think Milton Bradley's anger management classes worked.

I also see the New York Times everyday, so I keep tabs on the Yankees, the Mets, and the Boston Red Sox. There have been a lot of articles on the Red Sox in the New York Times in the last few months.

I grew up in Cleveland, and I once was a big time Tribe fan until they traded Bartolo Colon in a salary dump, and that totally broke my heart (no, I'm all right, really, although the pain still lingers).

Dear One of My Heart (aka Mr. Doomh) lives in San Diego, so he likes the Padres. We recently went to a game at the Petco Park (aka the Litter Box). It's a nice park with decent hot dogs and you don't feel like you're in a mini mall food court either. The Padres beat the Giants on a misty Monday night. The Giants don't look too good. Actually, they look really old. They have no umph (it's a technical term), but it's still early. They might find the umph.

To me the most interesting story in baseball is not the whole steroid thing. It's the whole naming of the Angels thing. What's in a name? In the nineties, the Angels were the California Angels. Then, they became the Anaheim Angels. It made sense since they were in Anaheim. In fact, their stadium is right next to the Amtrack Anaheim station. Now, the Angels are the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (or LAA on most scoreboards).

As a Dodger fan, I really don't care what the Angels call themselves. Sure they're not even in LA County, but whatEVvar. However, every time I see LAA on a scoreboard, I think of The Sound of Music---Laa, a note to follow sew.

What if the Angels called themselves the Orange County Angels? After all, they're in Orange County. The scoreboard would read OCA. Or with four letters, you could make ORCA. It makes me think of killer whales. Maybe a killer whale could be their new mascot. I bet they could pick up a cheap killer whale costume from Sea World down in San Diego.

I don't know what's going to happen this season. My Aunt likes to come up with stock answers for the inevitable ‘how are the Dodgers' questions during the summer. One year, it was ‘they're trying to find the right chemistry'. This year, when you ask my Aunt about the Dodgers, she will respond with ‘they'll be there in the end'.

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