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Autograph Socialists

Last Thursday evening, I was walking down the street with my hands in my pockets on my way to catch Kung Fu Hustle at the local multiplex. I was feeling kind of happy and kind of chilled in the warm Cali air. I was in the mood for light action comedy with excellent fight choreography.

As I was passing a restaurant that only served breaded fish, two little girls jumped up on the seats and asked me for my autograph. They were four or five (although I can never tell with kids) and even said ‘pleeeease'.

I looked at them slightly perplexed. I didn't know I had fans. After all, I wasn't famous---at least to my knowledge.

‘They're asking everyone for their autographs.' The mother explained.

‘Oh. Okay.' I said and signed Jessica and Naddie's napkins. I guess it's never to early to learn about celebrity culture. However, I appreciate that the young girls were autograph socialists. Autographs from everyone! Power to the people!

The parents thanked me for playing along. I smiled and told them not a problem. Besides, it's not about me. It's about the fans. If you can't be nice to your fans, who can you be nice to?

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