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The Ballad of the Venus Flytrap

You wanna inspire poetry
with the time you spent with me,
but you couldn't break my cold cruel heart
and you won't play a godlike part.

You wanna be so legendary
in your magic sanctuary,
but you live inside a peaceful prison
and I've got my own damn vision.

So one last time, I'm gonna write you.
I'm not gonna fight you.
I'm gonna show you to the crowd.
Don't act so happy or so proud
Cause here is a sneak preview
of the movie about you.

What they'll all be seeing
is just another human being,
bent over, made of scraps
cause you're just a venus flytrap

Tell your lies and eat up flies
while everyone around you dies.
You're just a venus flytrap.
Snap-snap, snap-snap, snap-snap

And when the movie's over
And all the popcorn's sold,
Some might call you clever.
Some might call you bold.

But you won't get your way
No matter what they all might say
No matter how much they all might clap
You're just a venus flytrap
Snap-snap, snap-snap, snap-snap

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