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The Bad Boy

You wanna love a bad boy?
You can't follow any rules
And he'll make ya look like fools.
You'll put up with it anyway
But be prepared to walk away.
He will look you straight in the eye
And tell you stupid happy lies.
He will call ya late at night
And drunkenly want to fight.
He will show up at your door
Then won't touch you and start to snore.
He will talk and talk about his life
But will never tell ya ‘bout his wife.
He will talk and talk and talk some more
But if you say a word, he's bored.
He will go for weeks, months before he calls
But always need ya when he falls.
He will collapse into your strong warm arms
And smile at your wacky charms.
He means it when he calls ya friend
But you know he'll be bitter in the end.
He rocks your world in the heavy dark
He makes ya crazy, he makes ya bark,
He makes ya shout, oh fuck me fuck!
Because in bed he does not suck.

So ladies, if you wanna put up with his shit
And as long as he doesn't hit.
I would say go for it.
Roll the dice and place your bet
And in the end, don't feel regret.
Live your life day to day
Don't worry what your friends might say
He might try to break you in two
But in the end, you are still you.

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