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The Sonic Boom

Dear Shuttle Discovery Crew,

I want to thank you for that sonic boom you made around five a.m. on Tuesday morning. It did not wake me up, but it did play a part in my recurring nightmare about space aliens invading the earth.

These space aliens are a cross between the Alien(s) aliens and the recent War of the Worlds aliens. In fact, this nightmare has recurred so many times that it now fails to scare me. Now when I dream of space aliens invading the earth and wiping out all of humanity while I run around struggling to survive, I no longer breathe heavy and sweat into my sheets. Instead, my reaction is ‘oh great, here they come again'.

Getting back to early morning Tuesday, I was sleeping no so peacefully while you guys were making all sorts of noise on your descent. Then, BOOM! Suddenly, the space aliens were gone. One second, the dream people and I were running for our lives. The next second, no more space aliens. We were saved. Thank you, Shuttle Discovery, you saved my dream world from invading space aliens.

The space aliens did not return to my dreams last night, so I think they might be gone for good. However, you can never be too sure.

While I have your attention, I have to tell you one more thing.

When I was in junior high back in the eighties, I did my science fair project on the Space Shuttle. I spent a whole afternoon explaining how the thing went up and down to people who came by my table. Especially memorable was the half-deaf priest (no hearing aid, he listened to God) to whom I had to tell everything twice.

I got a second place ribbon, and I was bummed about that. I was way more technologically advanced than the kid who made a killer whale out of garbage bags and got first place. Yes, I know it's environmentally ironic, but I had a timeline and way cool pictures.

Well, that's about it, Shuttle Discovery Crew. I hope the earth's gravity isn't weighing you down too much. I could never do what you guys do. I'd probably lose my lunch in zero g, and that would not make me popular with my fellow crew members.


Sunshine Jen

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