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I apologize for the lack of recent content in Sunshine Jen land, but I have become mindlessly obsessed with Soduku puzzles.

Yes, I have found the heroin of puzzles and it is called Soduku, but don't worry, I've managed to cut back. I think I'm gonna be all right. I'm not gonna be curled up in some back alley while obsessing on numbers one through nine.

In fact, I'm trying not think about numbers one through nine at all. No, I'm not going to think about the nine columns, the nine rows, and the nine squares with nine squares in them. No, I just have to breathe deeply. I'll be fine. I can do crosswords instead.

It began simply. I saw a puzzle in the newspaper, and was absolutely sure that the six had to go there. Then, I watched Fergus doing one. I was jealous. Then, one day, I had some time to kill before seeing Shopgirl, so I wandered into Barnes and Noble. I just wanted to stand and read Thomas Pynchon, honest! But there was a whole table of Soduku books calling out to me.

I turned my Aunt onto Soduku. Last night, I came upon her doing a Soduku in pencil while watching the Gilmore Girls (finally, finally, Logan is revealed as the jerk he is).Meanwhile, I kept leaning over and pointing out where the fours went.

This is not the first time I've been obsessed with puzzles and mindless games. First there was computer solitaire, then mindsweeper, then spider solitaire. Yes, I have wasted countless hours on silly games, but I'm good at it.

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