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Nibbles and Bits

The Sunshine Jen News and Information Bureau (aka NIB) recently announced they are embarking on a whole new propaganda and fake news campaign. If propaganda was good enough for the Soviet Union and the current Pentagon, then gosh darn it, it's good enough for NIB whose motto is ‘Sound Nibbles, Sound Bits'.

‘But wait, dear Nibby, shouldn't you do a propaganda and fake news campaign without announcing it first , so people won't know that the stories they are reading are propaganda.' You might ask.

NIB issued the following response:

‘Uhhhh. Yeah. But people seem to laugh more if they know the stories are fake. And laughs are everything.'

But wouldn't you want people to change their opinions based on the stories.

‘Uhhh. It's a bait and switch.'

The Spokesman for the NIB then declared that everyone in the room was out to get him, mess with his mind, and make him feel like a stupid ninny boy.

Two days later, the Spokesman resigned and is now living in a hut made out of driftwood on Redondo Beach. Apparently, he only eats sea weed.

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