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Second Anniversary Celebration

Today is the second anniversary of Sunshine Jen on happyrobot. Feel free to send gifts, money, and expensive wine.

The Second Anniversary caught me a bit off guard. Then again, what holiday in the last two months has not caught me off guard ???? Martin Luther King Jr. Day rocked for me.

Let me warn you now that this post will lack wit and creativity. I apologize in advance for that. In one of my other realities, I am working on a large writing project which resembles a huge forrest without Ents or clearly marked trails, so I'm tripping over a lot of tree roots and undergrowth as I try not to get hit in the face by low hanging branches. Ohhhh, it's a challenge.

There will be a Sunshine Jen second anniversary celebration. You're all invited. The invites are in the mail, I swear.

I would like to invite George Clooney to the Sunshine Jen celebration. I know he's busy winning awards, but I would still like to put the invitation out there. The writing staff promises to behave themselves and will happily order any special lighting he might require.

George Clooney is actually the first famous person I saw in-person after I moved to LA. He was doing a Q&A after a screening of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind with Sam Rockwell at the Egyptian. Okay, so Sam Rockwell could also qualify as first since they did the Q&A together, but I'm almost certain Clooney spoke first. Rockwell is also invited to the Sunshine Jen celebration because he totally rocked Galaxy Quest. Get the geek on.

Continuing with the George Clooney swoon. I remember thinking Clooney was mighty pretty, but I would most likely hit on his body guard, but that's just me and what turns me on. Clooney is pretty in that photogenic way with highly defined cheek bones. He's not an overwelming presence. He's just a guy, you know, he's hanging out, you know, he's George Clooney.

How did I get on this George Clooney swoon ? Oh yeah. So I took Stephen (who is cuter than Clooney) to see Good Night, and Good Luck, so I got to see it a second time. Good film. Good film for adults. Stephen liked that the people in movie looked like real working people. I think it's message of calm in the face of fear mongering is a good one. Complex questions should be asked. Take time to think and talk about things instead of reducing things to sound bites. Slow it all down.

Poor George. Now, he gets to answer questions asked by women in evening gowns on red carpets by speaking in sound bites. Oh my gawd, what was it like gaining all that weight for Syriana ? Why are you like making all these political films ?

On Monday, I took my aunt to a lecture by Tim Robbins on the ‘Art of Theatre'. Yes, Monday was also the Golden Globes. Yes, Tim Robbins was at the Golden Globes. Tim Robbins left the Golden Globes to lecture on the ‘Art of Theatre'. Tim Robbins is a super hero---or maybe he just needed to get back his humanity.

In his theatre work, he takes a pouplist theatre approach. According to my notes, he believes the art of theatre is the art of entertainment. The audience must be acknowledged. But Tim, uh, excuse me, Tim, what happens when the actors dispise the audience. What if the actors view the audience as an intrusion into their space thus setting up a conflict in the happening itself ? I sat in the back, so I didn't get to ask that question.

He also talked about how the stage is expansive and flexible. Location can be established simply by a line or a piece of furniture. This is an important idea. Not only does it save money on expensive set dressing, it also allows the stage to take on significance. The play takes place everywhere on a stage. The stage not only is the world, it is the universe. Hmmm. I must send Tim Robbins a thank you card.

Finally, a young handsome struggling actor asked about the struggle and how one gets through it. Tim Robbins answered the question with a question : If I don't do this, will my life be miserable ?

Virginia Woolf totally punched me in the guts with To the Lighthouse. I am not a good critic (note review above of GN, AGL which is a ‘good film'). I can't break it all down in a coherent way. Basically, the book hit me like a wave and I'm standing there drenched waiting for the next wave to hit me. Is that masochism or is that living ?

Back to the forrest. I can still see the trees.

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