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Still Another Quiz

With all the quizzes happening, I wanted to do a quiz too. After thinking about it and consulting with experts and drinking buddies, I decided to do a Star Wars quiz. All the questions have to do with the real Star Wars trilogy.

1. Which movie did Leigh Brackett not write?

A. Empire Strikes Back
B. Rio Bravo
C. The Big Sleep
D. The Long Goodbye
E. Moby Dick

2. Who or what was TK 421?

A. The Medical droid that worked on Luke in Empire Strikes Back
B. The cell where Princess Leia was kept in Star Wars
C. The stormtrooper not at his post in Star Wars
D. An earlier film by George Lucas

3. What is the first line of dialogue in Star Wars spoken by a character without a mask (so not a droid, stormtrooper, etc)?

A. Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.
B. They've shut down the main reactor. We'll be destroyed for sure.
C. We've intercepted no transmissions.
D. Darth Vader, only you could be so bold.

4. What name did Han not call Princess Leia?

A. Your worshipfulness
B. Princess
C. Leia
D. Worship
E. Miss

5. How many different costumes did Princess Leia wear in Star Wars: A New Hope?

A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Ten

6. Who survived the first Death Star battle?

A. Red Leader
B. Red Five
C. Red Six
D. Gold Leader

7. What was the name of the newsletter of the Official Star Wars Fan Club?

A. Bantha Tracks
B. Power Droids
C. The Force
D. The Stormtrooper's Gazette
E. Simple Tricks and Nonsense

8. How many times in Empire Strikes Back do Han and Leia lock lips?

A. Once
B. Twice
C. Three times
D. Four times
E. Never

9. Name the character(s) that the following shitty things happen to. Some shitty things happen to more than one character. Some characters have more than one shitty thing happen to them.

A. Temporarily blinded
B. Mind probed
C. Choked by Chewbacca
D. Shot in the shoulder
E. Thrown down an air shaft
F. Lost hand in light saber duel
G. Swallowed by a Dagobah swamp creature
H. Blown up on the back of an X-wing
I. Tortured by Darth Vader
J. Thrown out of the Cantina
K. Pushed around by a Gamorrean Guard
L. Captured by the Ewoks
M. Attacked by a Wompat
N. Sensed a great disturbance in the force
O. Had a bad feeling about something

10. Match the actor with the part:

A. Wedge
B. Biggs
C. Aunt Beru
D. Uncle Owen
E. Admiral Piett
F. Boba Fett
G. Bib Fortuna
H. Oola
I. Mon Motha
J. Anakin Skywalker

1. Phil Brown
2. Denis Lawson
3. Sebastian Shaw
4. Caroline Blakiston
5. Jeremy Bulloch
6. Garick Hagon
7. Femi Taylor
8. Michael Carter
9. Shelagh Fraser
10. Kenneth Colley

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