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Happy Birthday Honey Bunny

Dear Tootsy-Wootsy Sweet Patootie,

Have a super happy snappy dappy birthday!

May your day be filled with sparkly rainbows, bright sunshine happiness, and sugar sweet rain sprinkles.

May everyone you encounter today recognize your fuzzy wuzzy greatness and your dreamboat heart throb appeal.

Yes Snookums, you are the song that makes the whole world sing, you light up all our lives, you're the top, you are the wind beneath everyone's wings, you are here and we are here and we are all together.

Oh my sugar buttercup, you are the King, the Prince, the Czar, the Chief, the Emperor, the Captain, the General, the President, the Prime Minister, the Chairman, the CEO, the Manager, the Director, the Board of Directors, the Executive, and Team Leader of all good things.

Today is your day, so live it up! Eat! Drink! Be merry! Be cheerful! Be joyful! Be gratified, satisfied, and exhilarated! Cut the mustard and relish every moment!

Yes! It is your birthday, and that's just terrific.


The Department of Happy Birthday
Honey Bunny Division
Sunshine Jen Corp.

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