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Oscar Lebowski

I won my Oscar pool! I won my Oscar pool! Yes! Yes! Yes! I won! I won! I won!

I want to thank the Academy and my Mom, but really at the end of the day, it's all about me and my dreams and me. Haha!

I only missed four on my ballot:

Best Picture: I went Brokeback. Academy went Crash. That really was a great moment. I think half the audience was in Crash. Someone get an editor for the producer.

Cinematography: I thought it would get swept up in a Brokeback sweep, but Geisha was just too darn perty.

Song: I knew it wouldn't be the lame Crash song, but I thought Dolly would take it just to see if she'll thank her plastic surgeon. Alas, it's hard out there for an Oscar predictor. New rule: the hip hop song will win.

Live Action Short: I went with Runaway from Germany, but Martin McDonagh took it. Damn it McDonagh, do ya have to win everything?

I'm not a big fan of Martin McDonagh's plays. I think they sometimes play too much to the stereotype of crazy Irish people. Still, when we drove through Leenane (which feels like the last outpost in the middle of nowhere), there were two ten year old boys playing crash bicycles in the parking lot.

I don't know. Maybe I should just step into the light and embrace the McDonagh bandwagon. His acceptance speech was graciously short. Uh, nahhh.

As far as television goes, I thought the Oscars went okay although there were too many montages. Jon Stewart did a good job. Clooney seemed to be in really good spirits, and his acceptance speech kicked ass. I liked the stuffed penguins and the director of Tsotsi directing from the stage (‘Could you please put the camera on my two lead actors?').

That's just great about Philip Seymour Hoffman winning. First of all, best actor was a solid category this year with five guys who all deserved to be there. I liked that he channeled Van Morrison and wants to party with his mother. I even liked the black jacket-black shirt-silver tie look.

This weekend, I even saw Philip Seymour Hoffman again in the movie, The Big Lebowski. He plays Brandt the assistant (‘first lady of the NAAAtion').

Yes, that sentence is a feeble attempt to transition to the second half of this post.

On Saturday, Miss Solstice, Happy M, the Achiever, and I all went to Lebowski Fest down at the Cal Bowl in Lakewood for a celebration of all things Big Lebowski and bowling. Happy M was easily able to achieve a Dude-like look without much effort. Since moving to So Cal, I've realized that it's not hard to be the Dude out here. It's an identity one can easily slip on like a good pair of bowling shoes. I dressed all in black to be a slacker nihilist---I could have been a true nihilist, but that would have required too much effort.

In true Lebowski spirit, we did stop at the drive-thru for In and Out on the way. I love their fries. For the rest of the night, the car smelled like In and Out. It's a good smell.

At Lebowski Fest, there was a trivia contest, costume contest, and unlimited bowling. It had the same vibe as a Star Trek convention only hipper. The bartenders were pouring white Russians and lite beer. I think the last time I drank that much Miller Lite, I was in Cleveland.

Some of the supporting cast were there along with the real Dude who inspired the film Dude. He definitely was a Dude and had awesome grey curly hair. Someone even dressed like the real Dude. So yes, we were at a real bowling alley to celebrate a fictional film where the main character was based on a real guy who was there along with another guy who intentionally dressed like him and a bunch of guys who dressed like the film version of him but might just dress that way all the time.

Dude, that's too much real/unreal post modern. My brain is fried, man. Pass the mixed nuts.

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