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The Bronx

My uncle and I have taken up the very serious study of cocktail making. He is a master of research and tasting, and I have a flare with the strainer. I even have a special spoon. Our specialty is the classic martini which we've played riffs on like a bone player in a smokey bar.

Recently, my uncle found a recipe for the Bronx cocktail in the Wall Street Journal. In the accompanying article, one could learn that the Bronx once was a very famous cocktail---up there with the Martini and the Manhattan in the holy cocktail trinity.

Maybe it's the funky orange/brown color. Maybe it's the two kinds of vermouth. Maybe it was the rise of the Long Island Ice Tea. Maybe it was the times. Unfortunately, the Bronx fell into obscurity, but now, thanks to Eric Felten at the Wall Street Journal, it might just come back.

I think the recipe also caught my uncle's eye because it calls for freshly squeezed orange juice. We had recently gotten a lot of fresh oranges from a family friend down in Vista, so we had to do something with them.

We liked the Bronx cocktail. You might think something made with orange juice and sweet vermouth would be sickly sweet, but the gin neutralizes a lot of the sweetness to give one a kick ass cocktail.

So this is the recipe for the Bronx cocktail from the Wall Street Journal:

The Bronx Cocktail

1 oz gin
1 oz freshly squeezed orange juice
oz dry vermouth
oz sweet vermouth

Shake or stir with ice, strain into a martini glass. Garnish with a slice of orange.

We did not garnish with the orange slice. I felt that would be orange overkill. My uncle also added a dash of bitters to his glass.

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