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The Full On Rainbow

On Saturday, Eamon and I rented a sailboat and went out into Mission Bay for an hour. We try to go out sailing as much as we can. It's our thing.

On this particular Saturday, the sky was grey with low hanging clouds. The clouds just sat over our heads like a little pouting child with arms folded and puffy cheeks. The wind wasn't heavy, but it was a little schitzo. It would die, then suddenly pick up, then calm, then slam ya.

We had a good sail. Eamon held the sails in tight, and we'd be flying as fast as a fourteen foot bathtub could fly. I leaned out over the side to keep us balanced as the bow splashed up and down. Water splattered onto the deck and the jib as we rode up and down. I could feel the strength of the spastic wind and tension of the sails pulled as taunt as they could go. We were riding on the edge. I even had mist in my face.

We had a good sail that day and didn't crash too badly into the dock. We walked away in our happy place.

After the sail, as drops of rain started to fall, we drove under a full-on rainbow. When I say full-on, I mean you could see the whole arch from one side to another. The colors were slightly muted by the sky around it, but it could not be denied.

It was like the happy ending of some cheesy movie where the hero and heroine drive under the rainbow and live happily ever after. Shit, am I living in happily ever after? How did that happen?

Eamon suggested we search for the pot of gold. I suggested food instead.

We ended up at a beach burger place called Hodads. It has license plates on the walls, surfboards hanging from the ceiling, and kick-ass punk ass slamdancing metal playing in the sound system. Their burgers, fries, and onion rings also kick ass.

When I was in the Ladies, Eamon also ordered a strawberry shake (made with real ice cream) with two straws and two spoons. He informed me that it was desert. An hour later, as Pedro Martinez was striking out Padres on the TV, I started to believe in food magic.

Food magic is a special thing. It happens when a meal goes beyond simply filling the tank and tasting delish. Food magic makes you feel high from your food experience.

I can't eat at Hodads every day, but every once in a while is fine by me. Cheeseburgers aren't all bad. They've just been turned into synthetic slaves by the fast food industry. Free the cheeseburger!

Looking back, I'm sure stupid shit also happened on Saturday, but the stupid shit fades quickly. The sailboat, full-on rainbow, and food magic have been deposited in the memory and locked away for safe-keeping. Never know when I'm gonna need them.

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