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Last week, Sean's 19-year old niece and her friend were in So Cal on holiday from Ireland. They finished their exams and jumped on a plane to visit Uncle Sean in San Diego. They spent a lot of time on the beach and survived on a diet of hamburgers, pizza, and hotdogs. They even got three days in LA and did a whirlwind tour of Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, and the La Brea Tar Pits.

When they came over, they brought several tons of Cadberry chocolates and a bottle of Boozeberries liqueur. The Cadberries were sweet and milky, but the Boozeberries liqueur was even sweeter. It came in a tall thin bottle with berries at the bottom. It was power red in color and looked like royal blood. When I tasted it, I was overwhelmed by the sweetness. It was too much. The Cadberries seemed meek by comparison.

But I was not defeated by the boozeberries. I was challenged by it. How could I make a drink out of it? The bottle had suggested mixing it with champagne or white wine.

My Aunt suggested pouring it on ice cream. My Aunt loves sweet things---especially ice cream. In the world of cocktails, she will have the occasional bloody mary with no spices (aka vodka and tomato juice) and loves sweet fruity wines. However, she abhors beer, dry wine, and martinis.

I figured my Aunt might like a boozeberries cocktail if I subdued the sweetness a bit. Besides, it's summertime. Light and fresh are key. Then, one morning, a boozeberries mixture came to me---it was like a vision, you know one of those visions you learn about in Catholic school, only my vision involved triple sec.

When I served my Aunt a boozeberries cocktail on July 4th, she liked it and even asked for more. I happily obliged.

How I made my boozeberries cocktail:

Start with a bucket glass filled with ice or any glass that holds about eight ounces. Pour in a shot of boozeberries liqueur. Add Lime flavored sparkling water and fill the glass almost to the top. Add a couple of dashes of triple sec and serve. The drink should have a pleasing fuchsia color to it.

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