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Goodbye, Mina, Goodbye

On the occasion of Mina leaving LA and moving to NY:

It was in 05, sometime last year
Never quite sure of the seasons out here
When I got a message that I didn't delete
It said ‘Girrrrrl I'm out here, and we gotta meet'
So I went on down to Abbott Kinney
And parked in a space that sure was skinny
I walked into a red lit shindig
And met Mina at a bar of the Brig.

Now, I'm not gonna be mushy and soft
But I'll just say that we hit it off
She was fun and drove a Jaguar
She was smart and was a surfer
We started drinking out regularly
While talking of boys and philosophy
We drank at the Kings Head
With the fighting Brit hot heads
Also The Sinners and Saints
An old bar with a new can of paint.
Also for awhile we were on the scene
At that Boston bar called Sonny McCleans.

Then there was that night we all played pool
Yeah, wrote about that, it was fun and cool
And then the New York robot party
With her T-shirt saying ‘I heart Donnie'.
That night, we all kicked ass on the dance floor
Then ate Chinese food after four

Recently she scored some tickets
For that musical known as Wicked.
We cruised down to the OC
Had French food and good martinis
But the show just had no charge
And the theatre was too large.
The ushers there were bitches
So we flew from musical witches.
We got our asses back to Sonnys
Snakebites were our herbal tea
And we sang some karaoke
Mina's singing Patsy's Crazy.
I'm Partridge Family rapping
Then we're Benatar dueting
Drinking snakebite until two
Oh man, how that time just flew.

So goodbye, Mina, goodbye
As you coast from coast to coast
It took three martinis to write this toast
Don't you dare become a ghost.

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