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No One Knows Who You Are

The following is a transcript of a meeting that never took place:

This meeting took place in an office on Wilshire Boulevard. It was not a corner office, and the view was not that great.

Person A sits behind desk and leans back in an ergo chair with his hands clasped behind his head. His hands would be in the same position if he was being arrested and the cuffs were about to go on him.

Person B sits in front of the desk with his ankles crossed and his shoulders slightly forward.

A: Do you know what your big problem is?

B: What is my big problem?

A: No one knows who you are.

B: Uhhhhhh.

A: No one knows who you are.

B: Uhm, I'm. . .

A: People need to know who you are. Who are you?

B: Let's see, I'm. . .

A: A rebel? A lover? A fighter?

B: A fighter?

A: You're sitting across from me, and I don't know who you are.

B: Maybe I'm an enigma.

A: Yes! Yes! Yesssssss! Like Bowie.

B: I thought Bowie was glam.

A: When he was young. Now he's old, and he's enigmatic.

B: Oh.

A: You're too young to be an enigma. How old are you anyway?

B: Thirty-one

A: I see. Congratulations.

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