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Dinosaur Heaven

We are tracking the top of the food chain, the king of the Dinosaurs, the deadly T-Rex.

Twenty feet tall, forty feet long, the T-Rex ruled the earth 85 million years ago. This fierce predator walks on his hind legs and has a huge jaw of teeth capable of eating 500 pounds of food in one ferocious bite.


I'm moving in close now. This T-Rex views me as a food source, so I must stay out his sight range.

UUUUUUeeeee, look at that beauty. His powerful jaws tear apart the brontosaurus. He is an eating machine.

His tail is balancing him and makes him turn quickly, so he can come at ya hard and fast. Pow!

He's turning fast. T-rex has a strong sense of smell, so he can smell us near him. Crikey! Look at the power! Look at the speed!


He's straightening up and saying I'm going to eat you now'. If he eats me, it won't be his fault. He's only doing what comes naturally to him.

Look at the power. He's going back to his brontosaurus lunch now. Wooooweeee.

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