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Post 200 Party

The Sunshine Jen writing staff would like to invite all their sexy readers to a party celebrating Post #200.

Join the Sunshine Jen writers for glamorous cocktails, magnificent party snacks, and a rumpus room where one can rum, pus, or both til he or she can't see straight.

As the warm Pacific breezes whoosh through the palm trees and the stars (the gaseous kind) shine down us, we shall celebrate Sunshine Jen and wish ourselves well for the future. There will even be cake---chocolate cake.

So join us for twelve hours of nonstop live music followed by whatever CDs we can find, acrobats with moody lighting, party favors, noise makers, confetti, and silly string as we party like it's Posts 19 and 99.

This party will be so much fun that if you don't leave happy, well, we'll give you a prozac.

We also recommend that you bring a spare change of clothing. Just in case.

Please RSVP in the comment field and let us know what you want to bring.

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