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I Just Don't Think I Can Do It

This one is for my Star Wars buddies. The rest of you might find it a bit boring.

For seventeen bucks a film on amazon, one can get a whole new version of the trilogy with special bonus disks and the original theatrical versions. Yes, you can watch Han shoot first over and over again.

Wait a second, I have the not-special, not-modified versions of the trilogy on VHS. Then, last year, I picked up the special modified trilogy (widescreen, of course) on DVD on sale, and I even have watched it with the commentary on.

Yes, I love me my Star Wars. I paid money to see the new trilogy in the theatre. I still have some of my action figures buried in a box somewhere along with my old issues of Bantha Tracks. However, I did sell the majority of my toys in Cleveland in order to come out to California. I got a good price since I still had a lot of the little guns.

Still, how many versions of movie can one person have? Life's too short, and there are lots of movies to see.

Then, last night, while watching Project Runway, I made my final decision. Have you seen the commercial for the old/new trilogy that's been running? It begins with a middle aged man, very suburban looking, sitting in a chair in a brightly lit room. He talks about loving Star Wars as a kid and how excited he is to pass it on to his kids. Then, we see a little girl saying she wants a Wookiee as a pet.


A Wookiee is not a pet!!!!! A Wookiee is soooo not a pet. Wookiees are so wayyy beyond pettiness. It's like saying R2-D2 is a rolling movie projector or calling Yoda cute, cuddly, and harmless or thinking the Emperor was just a dirty old man

Wookiees as pets. I think Chewbacca might have a few things to say about that.

So yes, the lame commercial confirmed my suspicions about the latest trilogy money making venture. I have enough Star Wars. I don't need more.

I also have realized that I've seen the trilogy enough times that I have it in a section of my brain and can draw on it when necessary. Recently, a friend of mine was feeling down, and unfortunately, he was surrounded by people who were making him down. My friend is a good person---the kind of person who makes time for people. I told him about the tactical retreat. If you're getting too much of a person's negative vibes, just calmly walk away from it. I even could relate it to Star Wars much to his amusement.

Look at Luke at the end of Empire. He's lost his hand, he's just learned some really bad dad stuff. He's standing on the edge of an airshaft. What does he do? A tactical retreat. Down the airshaft he goes!

Fortunately, he has friends who will help him. And look who's flying the Falcon. Could it be, the Wookiee????

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