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You Can't Be Fat and Ugly and Mean and Crazy

I learn a lot from the guys in my gym. Not only do they talk about sports with great detail, they can delve into philosophical ideas without breaking a sweat. The most recent truism they spouted was: You can't be fat and ugly AND mean and crazy.

They were talking about women, of course, but I think it holds true for both genders. Have you ever met a fat and ugly person and thought, well, they're nice and polite at least? Have you ever met a mean and crazy person and thought, damn it, they're so aesthetically pleasing?

Now, I think the beautiful people should not aspire to be mean and crazy. Just like the sane and nice should not aspire to be fat and ugly. Everything in moderation. Then again, too much and too little moderation could lead one to be fat, ugly, mean, and crazy.

So how does one prevent oneself from becoming fat and ugly and mean and crazy? I don't know how other people do it, but personally, I like going to the gym.

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