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The First Time I Watched Television

When I was a little toddler, I had a toy television where you could turn a nob to wind up the television and a scene of boats would scroll by while ‘Row Row Row Your Boat' played. It was one of those indestructible plastic toys that got handed down to my brothers who eventually took it apart.

I played with the toy television a lot because I always wondered if there was something more in the television after the boats scrolled by. Would I see some secret special picture meant only for me? No, I only got the boats in a state of continuous rowing.

My parents had a television set up in the living room. It sat about a foot off the shag carpeting and had a fake wooden case around it (remember it's the early seventies). The television didn't much interest me at first. Besides, I had the toy television.

Then, one evening, the big television was on. I remember there were a lot of adults in the living room and all of their attention was on the television. I put my toy television next to the big television just in case anyone was interested in ‘Row Row Row Your Boat'. However, everyone ignored the boats and looked at the big television, so I decided to look at the big television as well.

There were two possible things on the big television when I started watching it. First was the opening credits of M*A*S*H when the helicopter with the wounded flies across the Santa Monica mountains and all the doctors and nurses run up to meet it. Second possibility was The Wizard of Oz because I remember looking at the television and seeing an enchanted forest with a witch hidden behind a tree. All the adults were oooing and ahhhing at it.

‘Look Jennifer, look at the witch.' One lady said in an annoyingly high pitched voice. I think I looked at the big television then shot her my ‘no duh, genius' look.

I don't think I stayed very long watching the big television. I probably went back to my room to play with my toys.

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