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Ice Shot Glasses

Have you ever seen something and thought, what a dumb concept, but then you experience it further and realize, yes, this is a very dumb concept?

I love cocktails and making cocktails has become a very enjoyable hobby. I take pride in my martinis and have even made my own infused vodka (vanilla and lemon–-but more on vodka infusion/confusion some other time).

Recently, my uncle got me a new ice tray. It was made of super strong flexible plastic–-the kind of plastic that will probably out live us all, our ecosystem and the planet itself. In a billion years, this ice tray will be floating in space.

The new ice tray was also special because it made shot glasses out of ice. If you filled the tray with water, the next day you had four icy little shot glasses. Now I thought the concept of the ice shot glass was a little strange. Was a shot of booze worth the potential freezer burn especially when glass had worked so well for centuries? Still, I believed in the spirit of experimentation. It's important to try new things.

Last night, I tried the shot glass made of ice. First, it was difficult to get out of the tray. I then placed the shot glass on a tiny saucer where it immediately proceeded to melt. As it melted, it slid around on the saucer, so catching the glass was difficult. If I was a child, I probably would have been amused, but since I was over 21 and wanting a drink, I was annoyed–-vexed even. I poured some vanilla vodka into the ice glass and let it sit for about two minutes. Then, fearing the glass would completely disintegrate and take the vodka with it, I downed the shot super fast.

Even though the vodka was cold, it was just not an enjoyable drinking experience. It was sort of stressful. Anyway, today I'm back to regular glasses. Besides, you can always put them in the freezer to chill them. Ahah! Now, that's an interesting concept.

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