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Jen Likes

This is what came up when Jen googled ‘Jen Likes'.

Jen likes losers.

Jen likes to dance (although everyone else does NOT like to watch Jen dance).

Jennifer Likes Doing It with Vince Better

Either Jen likes the man or she doesn't! She needs to make her mind up.

Jen likes Egon Schiele, puppies, and #91 at this Thai place

Jen Likes TV

Amy, hope Jennifer likes this

For example, the 500m, 1000m and the 1500m all need an explosive start, but like Jen says, "not everyone has that capability of being explosive.

Jim'll hopes that Jen X likes the new pictures of him playing a gig painted Blue like a Smurf. Jim'll hopes that Jen X likes silly things

Almost done and Jen likes the results.

JEN - Likes/Dislikes. Likes. Food: 1. Chocolate. 2. Icecream. 3. Meat. 4. Fish. 5. Mexican food. 6. Italian food. 7. Roast food.

Princess Jen likes to dance princess jen likes to dance, girly pink top, cute

Jen likes to give something edgier and spicier then your average female rocker and this set of tracks demonstrates her ability to pull listeners

Jen explains the ‘No List'. We ruin a perfectly good Michael Douglas movie, some shameless plugs, and why Jen likes men's pajamas

On sunny days, Jen likes to spend time outdoors, especially running, relaxing at the beach or working in the yard. On rainy days, Jen enjoys cleaning

Jen likes to teach (she is trained to be a high school teacher), to paint, do scrapbooks and make cards.

Jen likes Anime/Manga

Jen likes to swim, read, attend concerts, and, of course, travel and write. Her favorite destinations include Paris, Normandy and Barbados

This was a good way to start the day, even if it was a lot earlier than Jen really would have liked. (Mind you, Jen likes noon as a wake-up time.)

Jen likes how Bo refers to himself in the third person. And Jen completely understands how Miss Doxie would let a dog push her around

Oh wow! That's almost unbearably entertaining. Too cool for words. Jen likes. Oh wow! That's almost unbearably entertaining. Too cool for words. Jen likes.

Conclusion: There are a lot of Jens on the web.

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