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T-shirts and Pictures

I'm still on the Star Wars convention cloud, but I promise that this will be the last post on the matter. Next week, I'll do some serious comedic rehab. I'll explore the lower depths of something–-I just don't know what yet.

While at the convention I made a list of T-shirts I spotted. Here they are:

Star Wars Is Forever

Han Shot First

Thank You George (a little sentimental if you ask me)


Do Or Do Not There is No Try

Chicago White Sox

Star Wars


Jedi Training Academy

That Is Not the Jedi Way

Sith Happens

I Am Not A Geek

Vader Was Framed

Support the Troops (with Stormtroopers underneath)

Blue Harvest (that's really old school)

I went to Kessel and all I looted was this lousy shirt

I also made a list of T-shirts I wish I had seen:

Move Along

A Little Short for a Stormtrooper

Fly Casual

It's Me

Elected Queen

Same Sith, Different Day

Action Figure

Who's Your Daddy?

Bad Feeling

Free the Rancor!

Wookiee Love

Yes, I'm actually putting up pictures for the first time. Yeahhhhh!

I took pictures on the convention on a disposable camera and only four of them look decent enough to put up here. Thanks to Rich for the Flickr advice. I hope I did this right.

First, this is me on the line to buy tickets:

waiting on line

Two stormtroopers at the entrance. They were not very helpful.


Droids were allowed.

droid and guard

Finally, there was a huge card for everyone to sign. So happyrobot left its mark.

signed card

Force yourself! Now that could be a T-shirt.

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