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Lower Depths

I am trying to write something–-something which will so deeply explore the depths of something that you, the reader, will look at the universe in a whole new way, something that will make you tremble and sit back from your screen and say, ‘gosh that Sunshine Jen sure is onto something, someone oughta give her an award,' something that will make that will make you lean over as if to vomit because your guts will feel like they're ready to explode from the impact of the literary something which you will be reading. . .here. . .now.

After you've read that something over and over again in order to dissect the layers and layers of meaning and nuance and you've internalized the internal rhythms of its post modern humor, then you will dream great and fantastic dreams which you will completely forget the next day.

However, that next day, which could be tomorrow or some other day will either be a really great day or a totally mundane day, but whatever the outcome, it will have absolutely nothing to do with what you read here. . .now.

And that's okay.

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