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Summer Solstice Random Ten

I don't own an IPod, but here are ten random thoughts about the Summer Solstice.

1. The sun sure was up early.

2. I need another cup of coffee.

3. There is berry pie in the refrigerator.

4. On Wednesday, I was going to write something witty about the Dodgers in Toronto after they won the first game 10-1, but then they lost the second game 12-1. Toronto is a city of extremes.

5. The air conditioning is too cold.

6. Maybe I'll go to the movies.

7. Maybe I'll go to the beach.

8. Maybe I'll do one today and one tomorrow.

9. If you sleep and dream tonight, you will have a midsummer night's dream. Or was that last night?

10. Is this gosh darn sun ever gonna go down?

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