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I'm getting older. I think my eyes are starting to go. Yep, this is it. This is the beginning of the end. First the eyes go, then everything else.

I realized my eyes were going on Saturday when Maddox and I were at a Sushi bar. We were hoping for a quick bit of lunch before I headed off to a talk on Cinematography at the LA Film Festival.

As I scanned the laminated menu, I decided to have the Fushi Special Combo. It sounded intriguing. When I ordered, the Sushi guy asked if I meant ‘sushi'.

‘No, fushi.' I said pointing adamantly to the Fushi Special Combo in the menu.

‘Okay. Sushi.' The Sushi guy said and started to chop fish.

‘No Jen, it's sushi.' Maddox said calmly and pointed to F. Sushi Special Combo.

‘Ohhhh.' I said like a little kid who had just learned some magical fact. Even though the menu now said F. Sushi, I could've sworn that it had said Fushi just seconds before. Maybe I was just hungry.

Maddox and I proceeded to have a nice Sushi lunch. Sitting next to us at the Sushi bar was an older big guy with wild hair and a grey beard. He was drinking a large bottle of Japanese beer and eating a very ornate roll. He started talking to us.

He was one of those talkers who like to talk, and he started singing out the monologue of his life story. He had been a Chili Pepper, but he didn't want to be famous, so he quit the band. And the tale of ex-wives and prison spun out from that. I was impressed. He didn't need cues. I just nodded and smiled. Maddox, who is very much the talker, got a few words in but only the essentials.

Later that day, after Maddox and I escaped from Westwood Village, we sat on the beach as the sun started to set. Pelicans were diving into the ocean to catch fish. They would be flying one minute, then suddenly, they would stop and dive straight down into the water to get a fish. They dove out of the sky with so much speed and certainty that they looked like the maniacs of the bird world. Then they would float on the shifting water. Then they would start to fly again. They would circle and gain speed. Then, they dove again.

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