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Crochet Class

Wanting to learn a practical skill and knowing that present-giving season is only six months away, I decided to learn how to Crochet. I figured I could learn how to make blankets, scarves, and various quirky creative things which will make receiver exclaim ‘wow Jen, you made this?' To which I would reply ‘oh yes, I made it just for you.' And we would all feel special. Also, I would have something to do besides Sudoku while I watched Top Chef.

A college down the road from me has an excellent selection of reasonably priced adult classes. Sometimes, I think ‘I've always wanted to learn about. . .' and then I find a class in it.

The Crochet Class consisted of three sessions on consecutive Wednesday evenings. I went to the local craft store and got an I-9 hook and some frosty green yarn. At the craft store, I realized the first appealing thing about crochet. Basic yarn is not very expensive. Sure, when you start to move into wools, it gets a bit more pricey, but the basics are pretty cheap. Also, yarn comes in some really funky colors, so mixing it up can get really trippy.

Crochet Class had ten students all women of various ages. I was one of the younger students. Most of the ladies had crocheted before or at least had some ability to hold the hook. I clutched the hook in the palm of my hand with a ‘huh' expression on my face.

Fortunately, the teacher was a very nice arts and crafts lady. She had a sing-songy voice and was super generous with her supply of yarn. If you brought the wrong hook, she gave you a right one. Yes, there are nice and generous people in the world.

Soon I was crocheting like a pro or I thought I was crocheting like a pro. I practiced my double crochet between classes and started making a really nice lap blanket (or a blanket for your lap while you watch TV). However, I then learned that I wasn't double crocheting. I was doing some made-up Jen stitch, but the result was nice, so I decided to just keep going.

I also had a hard time with those darn granny squares. I don't think I'm a granny square type of person although I did learn how to read a pattern and how to add beads.

Observing my classmates, I realized that we never really change after the first grade. Only, now we don't have to worry about being sent to the principal's office, so we can behave as obnoxiously as we please.

There was one lady who knew how to do everything and knew everything except how to read a pattern. However, she didn't just want to read any particular pattern. She wanted to read one specific pattern and needed help. It was all about her and the pattern she wanted to do.

There was one lady who always finished before everyone else. Finished!!!! She'd exclaim and then want to move on because she was Finished!!!

One lady was a rock. She did her crochet thing and gave her opinions but not much seemed to phase her. She worked with bright multi-color yarn.

When I was in first grade, I was one of the slowest art project makers. I was very meticulous, so I always finished after everyone. I think I drove Sr. Dannielle a bit nuts. Even though I had a brain and was very well-behaved, I just took longer on art projects than everyone else. Yes, even at age six, I pondered every little excruciating detail.

In Crochet Class, sure enough, true to form, I was the slowest, but it didn't bother me. I achieved my goal. I learned how crochet. At the last class, the instructor gave each of us a little white and gold crocheted star. Now, I have six months to make presents.

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