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Neighbor Versus Crows

I live on a street with a lot of trees on it. They hang over the street and provide shade when the sun is too hot. Their hanging branches make me think of fairy trees because they have magical density to them. Usually, every six months, the tree trimmers come and cut the branches back, so the magical density becomes a bit more minimal.

Yesterday, in the early evening, I settled into the living room to watch the All Star Game. The sun was just starting to set, but I still felt like I was sitting down in front of the television in the daytime (which I don't like to do). The street was quiet with the occasional crow cawing up in the trees.

Suddenly, during the second inning, the neighbor from across the street ran out of his house. He had a noisemaker which he spun and spun to make an annoying metal grinding sound. He looked up at the trees and spun and spun, and the crows cawed louder and started to fly away. There had been a whole platoon of crows up there, and they all started moving at once. They eventually resettled down the street.

Why did the neighbor drive the crows away? Well, he is a bit of a jerk. He leaves rude notes on your car if you park in front of his house. He doesn't give out candy on Halloween. He recently got his front lawn replanted and is planning to sell his house for a million dollars–-yes, for a million dollars, you can live across the street from Sunshine Jen. Okay, I exaggerated. The asking price is 950K.

I returned to the All Star Game and was glad that the Dodger players didn't embarrass themselves. I also appreciated that A-rod didn't run full speed into Russell Martin at home plate. Ah, the camaraderie.

About an hour later, the neighbor came out again with his noisemaker. It was the same scenario as before. He spun. The crows cawed and flew away. I guess some of them had come back. Hadn't they gotten the message the first time? Well, they are crows. Their brains are about as big as a pea. Maybe they don't have good short term memory. The neighbor spun and spun. He was an older guy with a bit of a belly on him, so he didn't do a little dance.

This time, he attracted a small crowd of people walking their dogs. The owners and their dogs watched him for a bit and probably listened to him tell his tale of crow woe; then they continued on their merry way. Perhaps, they wondered if their dogs were smarter than the crazy noisemaking man. Then again, I shouldn't project such thoughts. Still, I think the crows are winning this epic battle because the crows are gonna go where the crows are gonna go.

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