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Later Alternator

Yesterday, I had to get a new alternator installed in my car (the excitement never stops). The guy said it would take over an hour, but there was a place where I could sit and wait. There was a toy table for toddlers and a television high up on the wall and not in my direct eye line. I figured I could use the time to crank out a Sunshine Jen piece.


The television was turned onto Inside Edition. What an awful show. All their stories are hyped up and teased to death. I must've heard a good six times: Why is Tom Cruise in a Nazi uniform? My mental response was duhhhh, he's an acTOR in a movieeee. The rest of the stories were all set up to scare people or to heighten their dramatic potential as much as possible. I felt like I was listening to a bad side show barker.

After Inside Edition, I got the local news. One of the top stories was the announcement of the Emmy Nominations. Okay, I guess that's local industry. I did get the weather forcast for the next five days with the potential for rain on Sunday.

I tried to focus on the Sunshine Jen piece, but I ended up writing fragments instead of a complete whole. Had Inside Edition and the local news made me dumber? Was this happening to the whole nation? Were we no longer capable of whole thoughts? Just fragments and sound bites? I stopped writing and starting doodling. I drew little boxes and triangles and made shapes inside other shapes. Fortunately, my car was done before I had to watch too much of The People's Court.

Now as I look back at the pages, I see the seeds of the fragmentation in the very first piece. So yes, below are what I wrote trapped in a room with bad TV.

The Screenwriting Division

The Sunshine Jen screenwriting division has always bragged that they could write scripts with one hand tied behind their backs. Recently, it has come to light that the screenwriting division has been writing with both hands tied behind their backs. Since none of them can write with their feet or their tongues, they had to hire lumberjacks to handle the abundance of log lines.

Car Trouble

I looked under the hood even though I had no idea what I was looking for.

Day Game

On Wednesday, I went to a Dodger day game. It was a family thing, and we had great seats in the reserve level just behind home plate. The sun was out in full force so after two innings, we had to shift to some shade. The Dodgers beat the Phillies 5-4. Wooohooo.


Why are snakes scary to people? They are long. They have no hands and legs. They have collapsible jaws. They eat animals alive.

Ice Cream Stick Boat

A guy made a boat out of Ice Cream sticks. It is the largest floating recycled vessel. Now that's something to do with your time. Sail away on the Ice Cream Stick Boat.

Waiting for Alternator

Nothing to be done.

Space Ship Quiz

A bit of trivia. I name the captain and crew members. You name the space ship/mode of transport. For example if I say ‘Han Solo and Chewbacca', the answer would be ‘Millennium Falcon'.

1. The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, K-9

2. Jean Luc-Picard, Commander Data, Dr. Crusher

3. Kathryn Janeway, Neelix, Tom Paris

4. Adama, Apollo, Starbuck

5. Dr. Hans Reinhardt, Old B.O.B.

6. Zaphod Beeblebrox, Trillian, Marvin

7. Roj Blake, Kerr Avon, Zen

8. John Koenig, Helena Russell

9. John Robinson, Dr. Zachary Smith

10. Captain Kaneda, Cassie, Capa, Mace

11. Dallas, Kane

12. Mal Reynolds, River Tam, Kaylee Frye

13. Commander Taggart, Dr. Lazarus

14. Jonathan Archer, Dr. Phlox

Remember, it's the name of the space ship, not the name of the show. Get the geek on! My car is done!

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