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We're All Fine

My Mom just sent me a worried email, so I figured it might be a good idea to just let everyone know that everyone in Sunshine Jen land is fine.

We're all fine out here. The air is smoky, and fires are burning around us, but we're all fine. I have been in contact with my cousins and C, my significant other, in San Diego. They are fine. We're all fine.

Even though C has been in touch with his mother and reassured her that he is fine, I just want to double reassure C's mother that he is most definitely fine.

Besides, FEMA showed up yesterday (two days into the crisis), so now an organized and focused effort can get the bureaucracy it had been missing.

Also, if any of the Ireland readership is reading, we would be even finer if you sent us a Cadbury Milk Tray and also those Kimberley biscuits (aka cookies). I also like the brown bread. Thanks so much.

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