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Breathy George

Out here in Los Angeles, I do not hang out with movie stars. I do not even hang with the marginally famous. I prefer the anonymous.

However, I was recently at a gathering and a famous person (who shall remain anonymous) was in the crowd. I didn't recognize this famous person at first, but he was quite polite–-his manner would have even impressed Jane Austen. He had pleasing features and did not speak too long of himself.

Also at this gathering was the Crazy Brainy Girl. In Hollywood, a brainy girl can get crazy really easily. I don't know why. Did she just wake up one morning and decide to be crazy? Did she even realize that her behavior did not come across as hip and quirky but crazy instead? Did she spend too much time in the sun?

Crazy Brainy Girl was planning a charity event, and she was wondering if Anonymous Famous Person would be interested in attending. Anonymous Famous Person was interested but he wasn't sure of his schedule.

ĎAnd do you think George would be interested?' She asked. It is well known that this anonymous famous person has worked with an actor/writer/director/producer named George.

When she said George, she gave it a lot of breath like his name was an orgasm. He wasn't just George. He was George.

She went on to talk about all the famous people she had booked for her event, but one could tell she wanted the golden boy, the arc of the covenant, the all American lager. She wanted George, and every time she said his name, she gave it that breathy quality. George.

I watched this exchange with amazement. Who would have thought that such a simple first name could inspire so much breathiness?

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