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My Presidential Predictions

Yes, I got the memo or the meme. I can not predict the future because it is always in motion–-although I do pretty good with Oscar forecasting–-still too early, ask me in December.

Anyway, I have four potential outcomes for the 2008 presidential election. Now these potential outcomes are just out of my mind and should not be construed as the definite future.

The Nightmare Scenario

The terror alert goes to bright red. Bush declares a state of emergency and remains in power. This leads to massive demonstrations which lead to mass arrests which create an even greater climate of fear and anxiety. Many Southern Californians flee across the border into Mexico. The US Border Patrol arrests people trying to leave the country.

My Aunt's Theory

The Democrats can not nominate a candidate because the race is too close. The party is almost broken apart. But then, one man steps up to unite them all. His name. . .Al Gore. Not only does Al Gore effectively unite the party, he wins an overwhelming percentage of the popular vote. The country is united on a level it hasn't seen in decades.

The Weird Future

Ron Paul wins. Prostitution and marijuana are legalized. If it's legal, it can be taxed. The tax revenue brought in from sex and pot sales funds public schools across the nation.

Clinton Wins

Hillary is president, and Bill is first. . .husband, man, spouse? Clinton turns out to be an exceptional president. Although she lacks Bill's natural charisma, she is sharp and decisive. Meanwhile, Bill declares a war on poverty which has not been seen since the depression. Chelsea sells her memoirs for six figures.

And on a shallow fashion note, the Hillary pants suit becomes a must-have for the aging baby boomer set.

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