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November was National Novel Writing Month. Yes, I know, who knew? There is even a website which you can access here.

I heard about this whole thing back in the end of October from happyrobot's very own Stu. I checked out the site and saw that if you wrote 50,000 words in November, you could be a winner in National Novel Writing Month.

Well, I had a germ of an idea and I was game for a challenge. Something I can do as a writer is write fast. One of my writing mottos is: Put it on the page even if it's crap.

For the 50K challenge, I made a few rules for myself. First of all, I couldn't go back and look at, ponder, study anything I had written. I had to just move forward. Second, no outlines–-outlines are for pussies. Third, write anything and then sculpt the book in later drafts but don't worry about that now.

Well, I wrote a lot of crap. I think some chapters begin with ‘ugh, must write words'. Yes, it's a lot of crap, but no one else has to see it. I'll go back to the draft in a month or two to see what I have.

It actually took me 51,000 words and change to reach the ending. How do I know the ending is the end? I don't know. It just feels right.

So I feel good about the whole experience. I did what I set out to do. I'm a winner! I even got a cute certificate.

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