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The Egg Shaped Woman

The other night, as I was driving around Hollywood, I saw a woman shaped like an egg. She was in a motorized wheel chair and crossed the street in front of my car when I was stopped at a red light.

Because it was cold and rainy, she wore a bright orange rain poncho with the hood pulled up over her head. She also wore a black ski mask which covered most of her face. Her arms and legs were hidden under her poncho. There were several white plastic shopping bags hanging from the back of her chair.

She looked like an egg, and maybe that’s a mean thing to stay, but she did, I tell you. She might be a nice person on the inside, but I just couldn’t get over the whole egg thing. She sped across the street in her mechanical chair and raced off into the night. The traffic light turned green, and I drove on my way.

Is it a bad thing to call a woman an egg? I have been going back and forth on whether to post this one because I do believe we are all shaped differently and should embrace our different shapes. We’re all just people.

Thinking about her now, I am not even sure she was a woman except she had a lot of shopping bags and moved with a quick efficiency that I usually see in women on rainy nights.

Maybe it’s this efficiency that fascinated me. She moved so quick that one could almost miss seeing her or she could become just a phantom seen out of the corner of one’s eye as we rush to the next big thing and the thing after that.

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