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Wow, happyrobot is nine years old. I feel like I’m part of a virtual institution. Nine years old. Would that make happyrobot ninety in the solid world? Should we all be wearing wool sweaters?

As I do some quick math, I realize that the happyrobot was founded in 1999. Ah yes, remember 1999 (more nines). Y2K and the mayor burrowing in his bunker at the base of the World Trade Center on New Years Eve into the new millennium. Good times those were, good times.

In 1999, I was in New York and working in the library. I didn’t know any of the happyrobot people. My co-worker and I spent all our time on the Internet Movie Database as we talked about movies. I was living on the upper west side and probably writing something.

I remember on New Years Eve going into 1999, I was in California at a party and we all agreed that we all had to party our asses off since 1999 was going to be the party standard---at least according to the Prince song. I think 2000 was much more the party standard year for me.

When I think back nine years, I don’t regret anything really. I probably should regret something, but I honestly don’t. It was just the past. It was just 1999 and there was no moon base alpha.

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