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Porn For Girls

On Valentine’s Day (yes, I know it was awhile ago, bad journal keeper, bad-bad, bad-bad, bad), Charlie, my sweetie, was out of the country for work. However, not wanting to just sit back while eating chocolate and watching episodes of Firefly on DVD, I had a girls night out with my good friend, Miss J.

Miss J. is three years older than me, three inches taller than me, and can out drink me. She also has a laser fast wit and we don’t hang out nearly enough because I can be a bit of a hermit.

After some excellent Cuban food for dinner, we walked in our tight dark jeans and high healed boots to the local sports bar/pub. As we settled down with our never ending supply of cocktails (grey goose tonic for Miss J, tanqueray tonic for Sunshine J), we noticed that one of the television screens had a Rugby match on.

It was Scotland vs. Wales, and Miss J, being a Scot herself, rooted for Scotland. I decided to take up the Welsh cause if only to be contrary. However, we both agreed that the Rugby players looked fine as they pounded into each other and threw each other on the ground and rolled around on top of each other. We kept waiting for them to kiss each other, but they never did. Yes, we were watching Porn for girls.

Why did Rugby give me such a thrill? In soccer and basketball, the players also wear shorts, but they don’t have such close physical contact. Soccer and basketball are about speed and agility and teamwork. Rugby is also about all those things, but it’s also about contact.

American football and hockey are also about contact, but the players are all covered up and wear big helmets. Baseball has no contact, but to me, it’s more of a cerebral thing requiring one’s mind to become engaged in pitching and hitting preferably while eating hotdogs and drinking beer.

I don’t remember who won the Rugby match, but I did have a nasty hangover the next day. Too much gin. And did we play a drinking game?

Thinking along the topic of Porn for Girls, I am a big fan of the sci fi show, Torchwood, on BBC America. Set in Cardiff, Wales (ah-hah!), Torchwood is about a top secret team who investigate aliens coming through a time rift which runs through the middle of Cardiff.

Unlike other sci fi shows, members of the team actually hook up---sometimes with each other, sometimes with aliens. There's even guy-on-guy action since the team’s leader, Captain Jack, is omni-sexual. He also has a very sexy Midwestern American accent. So if you ever wondered about Kirk and Spock or any of those shows where none of the characters can ever cut through the sexual tension and just fuck already, Torchwood is a welcome addition to sci fi drama. Sometimes, the episodes go into Sci Fi Dumbass land, but for the most part, I do like me my Torchwood. It's also sometimes as fun as Firefly.

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