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I Could've Danced On The Sun

I Could’ve Danced on the Sun
Wailed through my earphones
As I walked the dog under the stars.

I can see the stars
From my block in Los Angeles
Real stars, billions of years old

I find the North Star.
It gives me direction,
But all I have to do
Is follow the sidewalk.

I Could’ve Danced on the Sun
So much I could’ve done
I could’ve shot to the stars
And turned cartwheels on asteroids

I Could’ve Danced on the Sun
Why do one thing and not another thing?
It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Why live somewhere and not somewhere else?
I like the weather and the air quality.
The dog poops and I pick it up
With biodegradable plastic bags.

I Could’ve Danced on the Sun
Would I smother if I were a mother?
Would I bother if I were a father?
Would I? Could I? Should I?
Is this a wail of regret?
No, not a wail. A whimperous whisper.
Small and mediocre.
Is regret just another form of nostalgia?
Nostalgia just makes one buy things.

The dog’s walking with his tongue hanging out.
The dog knows the way.
I could’ve danced on the sun
But my world came undone.

With thanks to Flogging Molly

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