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New Musicals from Sunshine Jen Theatricals

Sunshine Jen Theatricals is pleased to announce three shows currently in development:

Sexy Lady Bug Musical (working title)

The story of a sexy lady bug who falls for a tree slug while trying to escape from the tyranny of a spider. Will they make it out of the garden box, across the concrete driveway, and to the safety of the potted tomato plant? Containing such sure-to-be-classic musical theatre songs as ‘Flirt in My Dirt’ and ‘Infinite Concrete’, Sexy Lady Bug Musical (working title) will make you laugh, cry, and appreciate bugs.

Top Gun: The Musical

Musical adaptation of the Tom Cruise classic film, Top Gun. Utilizing state of the art theatre techniques (which are quite expensive), the musical follows the plot of Top Gun with a completely original score. When Goose dies, there is some free form recitative (very Philip Glass):

Goose got loose
And his chute
Went kapute
And he fell
Oh hell, Oh hell, Oh hell.

There’s also a great aria where Maverick talks to his reflection:

Don’t be a dick.
You can lick
Any prick
Who wants to gun you.

Musical Musical Musical MUSICAL!

Post modern musical by a writing team that’s too smart for its own good. It’s about a musical within a musical within a musical within a MUSICAL! It might seem convoluted but the songs are really catchy especially the Act Two opener, ‘Singing about Singing about Singing’. We’re currently casting the first reading.

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